Col Ajay Kumar

          “Learning gives creativity, creativity leads to thinking, thinking provides knowledge, knowledge makes you great.”

                                                                                   - APJ Abdul Kalam

From The Commandant's Desk

Taking the dreams and vision document of Bharat Ratna, late Dr APJ Abdul Kalam seriously, RIMC took an early lead and spearheaded the march towards being established as a truly developed world class training Academy, strategising numerous projects and reforms.

Our Cadets define the image of the finest ‘Scholar Warriors’ that the Nation can be justifiably proud of. Quickly adapting to demanding situations and changing circumstances, they, through sheer hard work, determination and talent, dominate every competition they participate in. They are respected for their academic acumen, appreciated for their skill and prowess in the sports field, admired for their social graces and envied for their co-scholastic feats. Mentored by their Seniors and Masters, the culture of care, empathy and compassion to see every Cadet succeed is indeed at the core of RIMC culture. Our message to the Cadets is simple - do the right thing and stand for the truth.

The destiny of any institution is guided and shaped by tireless services of the Members of Faculty, who are also the permanent repository of knowledge and institutional memory. It is indeed these venerated pillars of the institution that have remained the true torchbearers in a century of our illustrios history. It is heartening to acknowledge the approach of our esteemed Masters, and their burning desire to see every Cadet excel reassures me that the future leaders of the nation are indeed being mentored and groomed by the best. Their role is most vital of all for it is they, through their dedicated approach for the young cadets’ welfare, pastoral care and guidance mould the cadets into future leaders. Their selfless devotion and the dedication to guide the cadets augurs well for the future generations.

The task of educating, training and motivating the Cadets is beset with many challenges. Modern day education calls for innovative teaching - learning practices to ensure our Cadets are prepared to face any challenge head on and stay ahead of the curve. The College is indeed blessed to have on its side, the unflinching support extended by HQ ARTRAC and intermediate Headquarters who have, time and again, steadfstly supported initiatives by the College and given momentum to our aspirations.

Our support base is also the Alumni Association, who have stood by us through thick and thin and supported the College in preserving our history and heritage, besides helping with the education standards by constantly providing us with the best resources and practices from the environment.

RIMC is the best example of what teamwork can achieve. It also has the very distinct and unique status of being a National Monument. Steeped in tradition, shouldering the responsibility of a century of heritage and blessed with modern vision, our cadets are in the process of transforming the leadership landscape of our Defence Services and indeed other professions. We soldier on in this mission following the core values set by our predecessors and resolutely pursue the strength of our character, which defines the spirit of RIMC.